The impact of EUROFORGEN-NoE will be extensive not only from the point of view of the integration of knowledge and resources but also regarding improved research efforts.The EUROFORGEN-NoE partners represent a highly experienced international consortium, all based in Europe.

Its members have been pioneers in developing all aspects of forensic DNA profiling methods, including the development of the first national DNA databases in the world and the associated methodology. The expected impact will become visible based on the following activities:

  1. The creation and start-up funding of a European Virtual Centre for Research in Forensic Genetics will become a keystone for a long-term integration of research efforts at the European level. It will ensure a long-lasting impact on the quality of science and forensic laboratory service to the benefit of the security sector in Europe. Exemplar research projects will serve as focal points to strengthen this process.
  2. Through the provision of a professional forum, EUROFORGEN-NoE enables most important stakeholders in the field of forensic genetics and crime scene investigation to come together, to exchange and disseminate information about the impact of DNA evidence.
  3.  EUROFORGEN-NoE will recruit competent fellow scientists with interest to act as "multiplicators", so that they obtain the capability to arrange their own training seminars at the national or local level within their own area of responsibility. Again, the impact of an European network becomes distinct by offering of a professional platform for exchange of experience that will integrate its output into new national and international training concepts.
  4. EUROFORGEN-NoE includes the very important identification of public perception of forensic DNA typing as well as the potential for ethical or legal conflicts. Efficient strategies will be applied in order to encourage an ongoing awareness amongst operational scientists and criminal investigators of the ethical and social pitfalls-issues that surround their work and the importance of public trust for ensuring its success.

On that background, EUROFORGEN-NoE aims to have a long-lasting effect for building an efficient research network.