Dissemination Activities

This section provides you with information on relevant dissemination activities of the EUROFORGEN-Network of Excellence. These include original research articles published in peer-reviewed journals as well as Consortium publications authored by project partners as deliverables. In addition, you will find several videos: interviews produced in the context of EUROFORGEN's International Dissemination Conference "Forensic DNA analysis in the light of new security needs" and the new collection "Forensic genetics explained".

Furthermore, please have a look at the new guide "Making Sense of Forensic Genetics" in order to learn more about what DNA analysis can currently do in the criminal justice system, what its limitations are, and what might be possible in the future.

Finally, a databank on “Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Forensic Genetics" has been added. It contains a selection of the most significant commentaries and documents on forensic genetic policies and practices relevant to the topic in question.

If you have recent information or feedback, we look forward to it Contact us!

Peter M. Schneider
Institute of Legal Medicine, University of Cologne
(Coordinator of the EUROFORGEN-NoE Consortium)