European landscape in forensic genetics

European landscape in forensic genetics

In this map are displayed the forensic genetic institutions, performing research and/or casework in the field, that kindly replied to the general EUROFORGEN-NoE questionnaire. Each spot represents at least one institution, and the size of the spot indicates the relative number of laboratories included in the same area or city.

Additionally, a list of the participating countries is displayed, where the number of laboratories in each country is shown in brackets. It is also possible to explore the individual institutions and their contact information using links and email addresses.

The main goal of this directory of forensic genetic institutions across Europe is to establish a framework for the creation of a Virtual Centre of Research in Forensic Genetics. The centre will be gradually introduced in the course of the project, and will allow to integrate research needs with capacities for the coordination of research in forensic genetics to establish a solid basis of sustainability.

This directory will also facilitate the exchange of information and the emergence of collaborations between laboratories, as it provides information about public and private research institutions, case work laboratories and national police organizations.

In case your institution is interested in appearing in this map, you can find and reply to the EUROFORGEN-NoE online questionnaire here: The map will be updated regularly. You will then become part of our growing research community.