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Short term fellowships:

EUROFORGEN-NoE aims to create a closer integration of existing collaborations and will establish new interactions in the field of security - therefore all key players within the forensic field are addressed: scientists, stakeholders, end-users, educational centers and scientific societies.

With this goal in mind, a system of short-term fellowships offering travel grants has been organized. These fellowships provide opportunities for visits either for scientists and other experts working at a similar level from different countries, or for experts with different professional background, but working in the same country, to understand the challenges of other professions relevant for the criminal justice system.

Applications can be submitted until July 31th 2016, and the visits must be completed until the end of September so that the travel costs can be reimbursed until the end of this year.

Each fellowship is financially supported by up to € 500 for travel and accommodation expenses.

A list of already accepted fellowships can be found here.



Documents for Download

For further information please see the documentation.

As a service in return, EUROFORGEN-NoE provides a questionnaire to these exchange visitors and asks them to submit a short fellowship questionnaire and report about their "lessons learned", about potential pitfalls as well as about educational needs identified during the visits.

Finally, for cost reimbursement, EUROFORGEN-NoE provides a standardized form that is required for usage after having finished the short-term fellowship. Reimbursement details can be found in the documentation. Please note that reimbursement of costs will only be made if the feedback documents are provided.

Comments or questions can be sent to this e-mail address.