WP02 - Integrating research and networking


The main objectives of this Workpackage are the…

  • Identification of the key members of the scientific community actively carrying out research in forensic genetics across the Europe
  • Description of the relevant processes in DNA evidence handling and processing with regard to the particular needs of stakeholders and end-users.
  • Stimulation of increased communication and information exchange between forensic genetics service providers across national borders, and among different stakeholders.
  • The establishment of a sustainable framework for an European Virtual Centre of Research in Forensic Genetics.

Workpackage Description

Task 1: To establish a directory of forensic genetic research institutions across Europe

Task 2: To identify the processes involved in handling and analysing forensic genetic evidence from crime scene to court room, and to describe the relevance, the strengths and potential flaws of forensic genetic evidence with regard to the specific needs of stakeholders and end-users

Task 3: To facilitate the exchange of information between research institutions, stakeholders, decision makers, and end-users

Task 4: To integrate research needs and capacities into a virtual network for the coordination of research in forensic genetics – the European Virtual Centre of research in Forensic Genetics, to ensure a sustained effect after the end of network funding