Educational online resources

Under this section several educational online resources can be found. We have included some links to websites that offer up-to-date online information about the basics of DNA and its forensic applications. Please find below a brief description about the contents or offers that can be found using a particular link.


LRmix Studio is an open-source, free of charge software dedicated to the interpretation of complex forensic DNA profiles. It can be downloaded here:

LRmix Studio is the successor to Forensim/LRmix. Both programs implement the same model, however LRmix Studio is a more flexible, faster version of LRmix.



The Familias program may be used to compute probabilities and likelihoods in cases where DNA profiles of some people are known, but their family relationship is in doubt. Given several alternative family trees (or pedigrees) for a group of people, given DNA profiles from some of these people, and given a data base of DNA observations (allele frequencies) in the relevant population, the program may compute which pedigree is most likely, and how much more likely it is than others. Obviously, there are several other programs performing similar tasks. As far we know a distinguishing feature of Familias is its ability to handle complex cases where potential mutations are accounted for, together with its ability to handle multiple pedigrees simultaneously.

Familias does not do computations for linked markers; for such computations, you may consider FamLink, as well as FamLinkX for X-linked markers. See details below.

    Familias 2.0 (same as 1.97, ), program developed by Mostad and Egeland
    Familias 3.0: with extended functions, including updates and further documentation (developer: D. Kling)
    FamLink ( (developer: D. Kling)
    FamLinkX ( (developer: D. Kling)


DNA from the beginning

This website is a good starting point for anyone looking to better understand heredity and genetics. This online resource is structured in 41 topics grouped in three main areas: Classical Genetics, Molecules of Genetics and Genetic Organization and Control. This website includes animations, image galleries, video interviews, problems, biographies, and links.

A simplified guide to DNA evidence

A short description of the principles, methods and applications of forensic DNA analysis, including a glossary and FAQs, maintained by the US National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC).

DNA Learning Center

An online science center devoted entirely to genetics education aimed at students and the general public. It covers broad topics, including basic heredity, genetic disorders, the discovery of the structure of DNA, DNA sequencing, and some other topics.

Forensic DNA, Office of Justice Programs of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

A general description of forensic DNA analysis and its crucial role in the investigation and resolution of crimes is provided on this website. The main topics are: DNA Evidence Basics, Collecting DNA from Arrestees, Research, Evidence Backlogs, Postconviction Testing and Wrongful Convictions, Solving Cold Cases with DNA, and DNA and Property Crimes.

Visible Proofs: Forensic views of the body – DNA - a Molecular Identity

Training materials suitable for student courses and self-learning with numerous examples (originally designed for an exhibition at the National Library of Medicine). Provides information about the nature of DNA, different DNA typing techniques, the evaluation of different uses of DNA typing, its possible benefits and misuses.

Free Online Training of National Forensic Science Technology Centre (NFSTC)

Free Online Training of National Forensic Science Technology Centre (NFSTC)

NFSTC provides a wealth of free forensic training materials. The resources and training available include seminars, workshops and courses designed to provide a greater understanding of forensic science principles and practices for law enforcement, forensic science practitioners and other investigators. Some training material can be found in different languages. Several seminars and workshops are available

Free Online Events: NIST

Upcoming af previous events arranged by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These event pages offer the final agendas, presentations, abstracts, registration lists, and videos of the completed events. Videos are only available if the event was previously distributed via live webcast.

Online Training by Boston University, Biomedical forensic sciences

Online lessons are offred regarding STR analysis. The user needs to register, so that he/she will be able to save the learning process. There is a large amount of sample epg files with mixtures as well as a software tool called NOCit that can be used to determine the number of contributors to a mixture.